Jo Dunbar is a fully qualified and insured Medical Herbalist who has run a busy practice since 1999.

Your first consultation with Jo usually takes up to one hour. She will ask you many questions and listen to your story to establish a case history upon which the healing work is based. The questions will concern how the problem began, what your symptoms are, is there anything which makes them better or worse, your life-style, your diet and your general health. Your medications and any allergies will be noted.

If appropriate, your diet and your state of stress will be discussed, and together Jo and yourself will draw up a realistic diet and/or lifestyle plan for you to follow.

At the end of the consultation, Jo will explain what she thinks has happened to disrupt your health, and will explain her plan to put you back on the path of health. She will clearly explain which herbs she is going to prescribe and why. Jo will never give you any unnecessary supplements, and each and every nutritional or herbal medicine will be explained in detail so that you will understand exactly why you are taking them and what to expect.

After between two to four weeks, you will have a shorter follow-up consultation where your progress is discussed and the herbal prescription is adjusted according to your current requirements.

At the end of this consultation, you and Jo will discuss when would be best to meet again, and this will continue until you are at a point where you both agree that your goals have been achieved. The recovery period is different for everyone. Some people only need one consultation, others continue for years, and others come and go according to their needs.

Distance is not an object. We can use Skype, telephone or you are very welcome to visit Jo at her office within her beautiful herb garden in Hampshire.

Sometimes, people simply want to re-order their herbs, and if this is in your best interest, then this is absolutely fine. The vast majority of Jo’s patients choose to stay on their herbal prescription just for health maintenance. For instance, in these stressfully busy and exhausting times that we live, an on-going prescription of herbs which support the adrenal glands, help sleep and strengthen immunity can be very helpful, as can herbs which help for menopausal symptoms, or prostate problems.

At every stage of the consultation process – you are in control. Jo will always ask if the next appointment that she suggests is convenient for you based on your financial position as well as time availability. With regards your bill; before you pay for your herbs and consultation, Jo will tell you the exact costs, and ask if this is affordable. Because Jo explains exactly why you are taking each herb/nutritional supplement and tries very hard to keep it affordable, it is very rare for anyone to object to the final fee.