Herbal medicine has been used throughout  history to ease a wide variety of illnesses. It has recently experienced an enormous resurgence in popularity as more and more people are choosing to use the gentle healing properties of plants to restore their natural state of health.

Medical Herbalists focus on treating the person holistically rather than just a diagnosed condition.  In other words we take into account the physical condition, your past medical history, your current medication, any surrounding emotional issues and your diet and lifestyle.

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As a broad outline, herbal medicine has been used to help with the following categories of  health conditions:

Circulatory System

With the support of a Medical Herbalist, herbal medicine can be used to support the circulation of blood and lymphatic fluids and strengthen blood vessel walls.

The Nervous System

Herbal medicine can be used to calm the nerves, lift the spirits or quieten the mind allowing peaceful sleep.

The Skin

Herbal medicine has been used for centuries to support the body’s toxic elimination systems and may promote healthier skin.

The Immune System

Herbal medicine can be used to support the immune system and promote vitality in those who feel debilitated or run down.

The Respiratory System

Herbal medicine can be used to help prevent chest colds and promote recovery by supporting the elimination of thick sticky mucus thus helping to clear congested passages.

The Hormonal System

At certain times in our lives people may experience imbalances in their hormonal levels. With the help of a Medical Herbalist, herbs can be used to redress these imbalances bringing harmony to the body and the emotions.

The Digestive System

Specific herbs, probiotics and nutitional advice can help restore and promote a healthy and comfortable digestive system.

Stressful and Emotional Impact on Health

The impact of stress on our health can be devastating.  Stress can negatively affect our resistance to illness, our ability to sleep, our hormonal balance, our digestive function and our adrenal glands. Herbal medicine can help people going through stressful periods by supporting the body systems. It can also promote a sense of calm, helping the person feel more robust and cope successfully with life.