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Rue is known as the Herb of Grace, and historically used to strengthen eyesight, as well as tendons and ligaments. Because a torn ligament takes so very long to heal, I decided to make an ointment out of the Rue, for those who may have twisted and torn a tendon or ligament. By the way – the difference between a tendon and a ligament is this: Tendons attach muscle to bone, and thus are involved in moving bones. Ligaments attach bone to bone and are involved in holding the structure together. But both may be torn in a twist and a fall, and they can take months to heal. Rue has historically been the herb to help.

The plant is very powerful, and I don’t dare use it internally. Bruising it for ointment was an amazing experience because the leaves had a deliciously fruity fragrance, and they extracted beautifully. If you need a pot, I have a few in my store.