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This delicious and strengthening potion is made from Maca (Lepidium meyenii), Carob (Ceratonia siliqua) and a little Chilli (Capsicum minimum).

With a rich sugar-free but sweet malty taste, you can immediately taste the nourishing and restorative effect that these herbs offer.

The mighty maca is said to have been revered by the Incas for its aphrodisiac properties. Aphrodisiacs are tonics to the hormonal system, and they also boost energy levels, so that there is enough at the end of the day for a twinkle in the eye. Maca is one of my favourite herbs to use for men and women who feel fatigued and flat through the andro/menopause, but I also like to use it for all people who are burned out and tired. Rich in nutrients, Maca is a staple in the diet of the high-altitude Peruvian peoples, and a very safe food supplement.

Carob is another staple food, this time from the Mediterranean region, with natural iron, magnesium and calcium and other minerals. Carob supports the cardio-vascular system by lowering blood sugars and cholesterol, and slightly opening the blood vessels to enhance blood circulation. It is a very soothing herb, and used both to stop diarrhoea (due to its tannins) and shift constipation (due to its soluble fibre content).

Carob has an anti-inflammatory effect on the lungs, opening the airways and supporting the expectoration of infected phlegm. It is traditionally used to soothe raw hacking coughs.

Both herbs seem to have a global restorative effect on the body, so that after drinking this delicious drink, you feel quietly invigorated not over stimulated and jittery. For a deeply satisfying hot drink, whisk a teaspoon or two into dairy or vegetable milk, or add a spoonful of Day-time Potion to your morning smoothie.


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