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St. John's wort (Hypericum perforatum)

Of all the patients that I look after, I have come across very few people who have been terribly ill with a virus this year, but almost everyone I speak to is feeling terrible emotionally and mentally. Many people are sad, lonely, and in low spirits. Others spend their days in fear of getting this illness. What is clear is that the mental health of the world is in a terrible state, and anyone who knows anything about the immune system will be aware that this has a negative impact on the immunity. Your immune system being your greatest protection against all germs. So, what can you do?

As I have been helping people with herbal medicine, I find myself turning to a few key herbs over and over at this point in time.

St John’s Wort

St John’s Wort has been used for decades to help alleviate the winter blues and SAD. It is well known to have anti-depressant actions, but it also reinvigorates an exhausted, burnt-out nervous system. St John’s Wort happens to be a very good anti-viral too.


I love using Sutherlandia, which is a powerful anti-viral herb, which also strengthens those who are chronically fatigued, and lifts the spirits in those who feel depressed.


Melissa is a calming herb with anti-viral actions. I find that it calms the nerves and at the same time lightens the mood. A lovely refreshing lemony herb, which is wonderful when taken as a fresh tea; but I don’t find the dried herb that great. I make my Melissa tincture by double extracting the fresh herb (grown in my garden) through distillation and maceration, thereby producing a lively tincture, rich in the volatile oils as well as the other heavier healing herbal constituents.


Liquorice is also a well-known anti-viral herb, which is very supportive to exhausted adrenals. It is fabulous for those who have been over-busy or over-worried, and are now feeling very tired, fragile and vulnerable to infection.

There are many other immune boosting and strengthening herbs to support people who feel a bit dreary at the end of winter and a long year of dreariness. If you would like a prescription just for you, do send me an email and we will arrange a consultation.