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Egyptian offering herbs

Egypt was like a dream. Mad, chaotic, hot and dusty, with gentle, kind people, and soft pink sunsets infused with the haunting calls to prayer flowing over the golden sunset waters of the Nile. Egypt still holds her enchantments.

The beauty of the temples, the enormous and perfect statues carved from a single stone, awesome tombs, delicate paintings and finely carved hieroglyphics were overwhelming to our modern consciousness. Everything in ancient Egypt revolved around honouring the gods, because it is with them that you would reside in the afterlife, and it is they who would guide and protect you on your journey to that land. We were lucky enough to have an Egyptologist travel with us for our entire journey, and he explained that the most special offerings were Lotus flowers, herbs, incenses and perfumes.

We were taken to a temple where you could see the exquisite carvings of herb offerings to the gods, as well as precise instructions for medical formulas, engraved into the walls.

The ancient Egyptians bathed daily, shaved their body hair, and were always sweet smelling. It was considered dishonourable to be unkempt and smelly. Their world must have been heavenly, because they were trying to recreate the world of the gods, here on Earth.

We asked to be taken to a place where they sell herbal essences, and of course, I bought a few. Two of my favourites are Papyrus flower, which has a sweet, fresh green, nearly lemony fragrance; and thick dark sultry Amber for a deep and restful sleep. To welcome the sun, the Egyptians burned Frankincense, and at noon, they used Myrrh – so I bought those essences too. I am not quite sure what I am going to do with all these wonderful essences, but I am sure they will be woven into our next workshop.