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Wild garlic (Allium ursinum)
Posted on 21st March 2017

Wild garlic (Allium ursinum) is a forager's dream. It is super healthy and absolutely delicious.

Listen to the Hazel catkins sing
Posted on 17th March 2017

This is the beautiful sound of a Hazel tree singing to us in the early springtime. Using an instrument which translates the electromagnetic impulses from any plant and translates them into sound, we are able to hear the individual ‘song’ of different plants.

Posted on 9th March 2017

Stress is probably the most common underlying cause of the illnesses that I deal with nowadays. No-one seems to be immune from the common or garden variety of day-to-day stress over busy lives. Most people know that constant low grade stress keeps our cortisol raised, which over time depresses the immune system with a rather nasty twist.

Melissa (Lemon balm)
Posted on 9th March 2017

Lemon balm is one of those lovely herbs which grow like a weed, smells delicious and yet, is rather under-utilized. Herbs love being appreciated, and I would like to tell you how it can be used so that you can enjoy it, and praise the plant for its gifts.

Biophotons and Health
Posted on 14th February 2017

Every time the DNA in our cells contracts, it emits an information-encoded particle of light called a biophoton...

Anise – Star of the show
Posted on 13th February 2017

Did you know that 90% of the global crop of Star anise is used in the manufacture of Tamiflu? The spice is the source of a potent anti-viral bio-chemical called shikimic acid...

Dear Jo... I've put on weight
Posted on 14th January 2017

I conceived this diet for those who need to lose weight quickly, but find dieting a painful affaire.  It is a variation of the 5:2 diet, but less severe.  

Make your own cystitis tea
Posted on 12th January 2017

This infusion of dried birch leaves and thyme is appropriate for infectious and interstitial cystitis and can be used as an emergency mix before you see your herbalist or doctor.