Your consultation

If you choose to have a private consultation you will be seen by a fully qualified and insured professional medical herbalist, who will have either a BSc Hons (or higher) degree in Herbal Medicine or Phytotherapy.  
The first consultation takes up to one hour. The herbalist will listen to your case history, asking you questions about how the problem began, your symptoms, what makes it better or worse, your life-style, your diet and your general health.  They will also note any medications you are taking and any allergies you have.  

Following this they will explain the herbs they are going to prescribe and create a bespoke herbal preparation that addresses your specific needs. They may also recommend diet and lifestyle changes and nutritional supplements to support your recovery.  
After about two weeks, you will have a shorter follow-up consultation where your progress is discussed and the herbal prescription is adjusted according to your current requirements.  

At the end of this consultation you and your herbalist will discuss if and when you will meet again, until you are at a point where you both agree that your goals have been achieved.

Unfortunately, much as we would love to, it is absolutely impossible to guarantee a complete recovery or even any recovery.  However, we do promise to try our very best to achieve this and in the vast majority of cases we are able to bring our patients back to health and comfort using herbal medicine.  


Initial one hour consultation: £70 plus herbal medicine

Follow up 30-minute consultation: £45 plus herbal medicine