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Herbal walks and Workshops - Botanica Medica

"I just wanted to write and say thank you for hosting such wonderfully informative, relaxing and rejuvenating day for us all. Everyone felt so inspired by your way of life and your calm and beautiful approach to life. Each time I speak to one of the others we end up speaking about our herbal day with you. A walk in the countryside will never be the same again!! Once again, thank you very much."

Forthcoming Walks, Workshops and Talks

Summer Herbal Workshops at St Margarets

Janine is running a series of really fun short summer herbal workshops which will be great for kids and adults.
Where: Botanica Medica St Margaret’s

Tuesday, 1st August 1-2pm
Make your own LIPBALM from scratch
for children aged 5plus
£5 to cover materials.

Tuesday, 22nd August 12-1pm
for children aged 5 plus
£5 to cover materials

HERBWALK Wednesday 23rd August 1-3pm
Learn how to identify and use local medicinal plants for simple home herbal remedies and in the kitchen.
£10 adults, £5 children. Booking essential.

Advanced booking required.
Call 020 8892 9227 or info@botanicamedica.co.uk to book.

Workshop: Magical Forest Retreat with Jo Dunbar and Adrian Rooke
Blackthorn and Yew

Date: Sunday 1st of October, 10am - 5pm
Where: Hampshire
Price: £75.00 per person
To Book: Call 07932 764417 or jodunbarlane@gmail.com

It doesn’t feel like it yet, but the wheel of the year has turned already toward the dark side, and so we leave the trees such as Hawthorn (of the heart) and Oak (for strength and courage) and we look at Blackthorn (sloes) and Yew. October is the time of Samhain, when the doorway between our world and that of the ancestors is opened for a short period of time. It is a dark and very spiritual time of year. The Celtic word for Blackthorn is Straif, from which our word strife has been derived, and is traditionally associated with witch wands. The Blackthorn tree represents a time when black fate has come to pass and there is no escape. How do you survive when the darkest, inescapable and most malign influences strike your life?

Yew is associated with The Ancestors and The Crone aka The Ancient One and The Wise Woman. Darkness is not bad, it represents the mystical, deep teachings and maturing of the soul. On this day retreat, we sink into the mystical darkness of the year by meeting wild Gods and ancient Crones, and we listen to the wisdom of these trees on the darker side of the year.

previous walks & Workshops

Workshop: The Summer Solstice - The Mighty Oak and The Blasted Oak with Jo Dunbar & Adrian Rooke

Combining a day of Druid ritual, deep connection with ourselves and the plants of the hedgerow, we shall celebrate the Summer Solstice with stories, meditations, songs and herbs.

The ancient Celts called the Oak, Duir (doorway). The Oak tree is the Summer King of the forest who is the doorway to another world, or level of existence. They turned to the strength and power of the Oak for the courage and inspiration needed to embrace new possibilities.

The Blasted Oak represents The Tower in the tarot. When lightning strikes the Mighty Oak, its proud crown explodes and the imagery represents those times in our lives when our world is blown apart.

This day retreat explores how The Blasted Oak affects our lives and how we can work with The Mighty Oak to move through the doorway from a life torn apart to one regenerated with fresh growth. It is a workshop which connects deeply to the iconic Oak, and through this connection reveals our hidden strengths and courage as we transmute our challenges into triumphs.

We shall also explore other hedgerow herbs such as St John's Wort, Mugwort, Melissa and Vervain. These herbs can bring light and joy into our lives, and in this way, we open our hearts and lives to the joy of the sun at its zenith of power both in the outer world and in our inner landscape.

Workshop: Beltane and Hawthorn – exploring the power, passion and pain of being fully open to love and life with Jo Dunbar and Adrian Rooke

Jo Dunbar and Adrian Rooke take us on a journey along the Celtic Wheel of the Year to the merry month of May and the ancient celebration of Beltane. This is the time when love fills the hedgerows and the Gods and the Goddesses come together in the Greenwood marriage bringing fertility to the land.

The sacred tree we shall focus on this time is Hawthorn which is truly a tree of the heart. Hawthorn is a boundary tree, one of bridal petals and thorns – in this workshop we explore our boundaries, the power and the passion as well as the pain of love, and the graceful acceptance of change. We shall also connect with the Celtic Gods and Goddesses of this period in the Wheel of the Year.

Beltane was always a time of bonfires and frolicking in the woods and the meadows. In keeping with this noble tradition we shall discuss some herbal aphrodisiac potions. As always there shall be stories, joyful song and chanting, meditations and working magically with our sacred Hawthorn.

Spring Herb walk

Join Janine on a leisurely spring walk through Marble Hill Park and along the riverside.
Learn how to identify common medicinal plants and how to use them for simple home herbal remedies and in the kitchen.

The Spirit of the Hedgerow with Jo Dunbar & Adrian Rooke

Using druidic ritual, stories, sacred singing and the ancient Celtic Ogham (Tree alphabet), Adrian Rooke and Jo Dunbar, bring us deeper into contact with the magic of the wild wood, and the spiritual power of our native trees and herbs.
Venturing into the magical forest can open us to a deeper understanding of our own lives and may help to navigate through the entanglements of our personal journey.

The Spirit of the Hedgerow with Jo Dunbar & Adrian Rooke

Jo Dunbar, author of Spirit of the Hedgerow, Medical Herbalist and Druid and Adrian Rooke Pagan celebrant, Counsellor and Druid present a fascinating talk at the College of Psychic Studies in London. The talk explores how pagan folk interacted with the physical and spiritual aspects of the forest in the pre-Christian era, and how we can bring the magic of the wild wood back into our lives today.

Spirit of the Greenwood with Jo Dunbar and Adrian Rooke

Jo Dunbar, Medical Herbalist and Druid and Adrian Rooke, Counsellor and Druid celebrant, facilitate this wonderful day during which the magical and physical connections humans can have with the forest are explored. Humans always take from nature; but on this day we focus on the spirit of the forest, paying particular attention to what we can offer in service to the forest.

The workshop includes beautiful ritual, talking about the sacred Celtic trees and their lore, guided meditation to hear what the sacred tree has to say to us. Later in the day, we talk a journey into a wild and untouched forest where we spend time alone with our chosen tree. There is chanting and drumming and through The Music of the Plants device – we hear a tree singing back to us.

Working Magically in the Forest with Jo Dunbar and Adrian Rooke

The energies of nature are sinking deep into the earth now. The leaves have been shed and the seeds are under a warm layer of leaf mould, incubating over winter. So too the sap and energy of the great oaks have descended down into their roots, safe in the dark earth. Pregnant badgers and foxes are underground in their warm lairs, nurturing their young ones. As we follow the energies of nature, we will use this day to sink deeply into our own psyches, exploring which aspects of our lives we are ready to shed, and which seeds we wish to incubate safely in our hearts, ready to grow when the time is right. This is a day of meditation, working together with each other and the spirit of the descending seasonal energies as well as spending time in the forest connecting to the sacredness of our inner and outer landscape.

The modern Still Room with Jo Dunbar

This is a charming day where we follow the footsteps of the lady of the manor into her stillroom. We talk about how she would have used the herbs from her physic garden and the local countryside to make a variety of supplies such as healing salves, cough mixtures digestive liqueurs and more. A light hearted hands-on day enjoyable for both men and women.

Autumn Foraging Walk & Workshop With Janine Gerhardt

Join Medical Herbalist Janine Gerhardt for a leisurely and informative autumn foraging Herbwalk along the beautiful Twickenham Riverside and meadows. Return to Botanica Medica, St. Margarets, to make your own Immune strengthening anti-viral syrup and personalised herbal blend under the guidance of Janine. Learn how to preserve and use herbs and spices in preparation for the winter months ahead.

Make your own herbal skin cream with Janine Gerhardt

Join Janine and learn how to make your own base cream from scratch. With the base cream and many other botanicals on hand, create your own personalised luxurious face cream to take home and replicate.

Make your own herbal gifts with Janine Gerhardt

Create a Christmas wreath made from herbs and spices, make a personalised natural perfume or eau de perfume, frankincense body butter and delicious immune-boosting chocolate truffles! Materials, recipes, tea & cake provided.

Make Your Own Natural Skin Creams With Janine Gerhardt

Join Herbalist Janine Gerhardt and learn how to make a bespoke face cream and body butter using a natural base cream, essential oils and aromatic waters. These creams make wonderful Christmas gifts and the recipes can be replicated at home. Materials, recipes, tea and cake provided.

Birch and the Spring Equinox - the tree of new beginnings with Jo Dunbar and Adrian Rooke

We begin our journey through the seasons with Birch - associated with new beginnings. We shall explore the energies which Birch brings to the forest and to our lives - such as sweeping out of the old and pioneering new beginnings. Birch is a tree associated with detoxification and a bringer of Light and Love, so we shall make a brew of detoxifying hedgerow herbs and use meditation and traditional stories to strengthen our Light Bodies and spread universal love. As usual, there will be sacred singing and druidic ritual as part of the day.

Skincare Workshops

Join Janine to learn how to prepare a base cream from scratch. Be introduced to use a variety of botanicals ranging from infused oils, essential oils and aromatic water & use those to design your own moisturising or beauty cream to take home.

For the second leg of this workshop series, make your own lipbalm or healing balm using 100% natural ingredients. Become familiar with a selection of herbal medicines so that you can alter your balm recipe according to you & your families personal needs. Delve into the world of scent & perfumes. Get to know a selection of scents, how to layer a perfume, and finally create your own perfume or eau de perfume to treasure.