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Welcome to Botanica Medica

Botanica Medica is a traditional herbal apothecary providing professional Western herbal medicine. The team of highly qualified medical herbalists offers free expert over-the-counter advice, private consultations, and very high quality herbal medicines. Almost all of our products are hand-made by ourselves according to ancient tradition.  All our herbal medicines are prescribed to our patients by qualified medical herbalists, who take into account your unique needs.

Herb of the month: Rosehips:

Rose hipMost of us know that during the World War, children collected bags of rosehips which were turned into rosehip syrup as a source of vitamin C. To everyone's surprise, scientists of the day found that the vitamin C content of the raw hip vs the cooked hip was barely reduced by heat. Modern research seems to back this up. When samples were compared between rosehip tea, rosehip syrup and rosehip jam – the vitamin C content of the syrup and jam were significantly higher than the dried tea bags. It seems that the vitamin C is much more affected by oxygen than by heat.

Rosehips are another superfood hanging on bushes waiting for you to collect. They are rich in anti-oxidants which specifically damp down the immune reaction which causes pain and inflammation in arthritis – both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, as well as lower back pain. One study showed that 5g of rosehip significantly reduced stiffness, pain and disability after 3 months without the usual side-effects of stomach ulcers. In fact, rose hips heal stomach ulcers.

The anti-oxidant effect extends to having anti-cancer actions as has been shown in several scientific studies.
Rosehips also protect the kidneys against stones by having a diuretic effect and reducing the calcium oxalate levels in urine. Calcium oxalate is the most common constituent found in kidney stones.

It has been noted that after eating sugar, rosehip reduces blood glucose levels – so this is good news for diabetics and also those who want to lose weight. Albeit this study was done on rats, the researchers found a significant reduction in fat accumulation despite the same intake of food.

Another of rosehips' natural chemicals is Lycopene, which is well known to help prevent prostate, breast, lung and bladder cancer.

It is interesting that the chemical levels change according to the time of the season – so before frost, the anti-oxidant and poly phenol (anti-cancer) levels are higher, but after the frost, the lycopene levels are higher and the sugar levels are lower.

Jo’s latest book now available on Amazon

Jo has just launched the paper-back version of her book Stress, Fatigue and Burnout on Amazon.
After over 15 years of helping people to recover from debilitating exhaustion, ME, Candida and adrenal fatigue, Jo shares her experience and scientific studies to explain why stress is so devastating to our health, and how to recover.

The second part of the book is based on the treatments I have used on many of my patients, and lists advice about life style changes, herbs, and dietary supplements as well as dietary changes which can significantly improve your health if you are burnt out and exhausted.

Essentially, I wrote this book because I have seen so many people who are so unwell because of stress, but the doctors don’t have anything to offer, and people just do not know what to do. I wanted to help a far wider range of people than only those who come to consult me.

Read the article published by Positive Health magazine or buy the book from Amazon for £7.95

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