Welcome to Botanica Medica

Having run my two herbal apothecaries for almost 20 years, I have decided to close the shops and work from my home apothecary in Hampshire. As times change, it seemed wildly unsustainable on every level to be driving hundreds of miles a week to be in the shop, when at the same time I was helping people all over the world via Skype and telephone. The shops have been closed, but I continue practicing as a Medical Herbalist, and you are welcome to consult me either by telephone, Skype or in person.

My office is in my herb garden right in the middle of the South Downs National park. It is a place of enormous peace and beauty, and simply being here is therapy.

From here, I grow and collect many of my herbs, turn them into medicine which I prescribe to my patients, and the plant matter which is left over from the medicine making process is returned to the compost where it nourishes the following year’s herbs – a beautiful cycle of life to be involved in.

I love my plants, and it is one of my greatest joys to help people regain their health and harmony with plant medicine. I do hope that I can help you too.

Jo offers free product advice, as well as private consultations via phone, Skype and face to face, and very high quality herbal medicine.