Meet the team

Jo Dunbar - Medical Herbalist - Botanica Medica

Jo Dunbar

Botanica Medica was founded by Jo Dunbar in 2003. Jo qualified as a Medical Herbalist from the College of Phytotherapy in 1999, immediately after her graduation she began practising herbal medicine whilst pursuing a post-graduate MSc degree in Complementary Therapies at Westminster University where she focused on chronic fatigue syndrome.

Jo's holistic approach combines herbal medicine with alternative therapies tailored to your specific needs. In doing so she seeks out the underlying cause of illness and then combines herbal medicine with hypnotherapy, diagnostic tests, nutritional supplements and dietary advice to restore wellbeing. Although she treats most conditions, Jo has a special interest in ME/chronic fatigue syndrome, adrenal fatigue and candida.

Jo is the author of three books: the award-winning The Spirit of the Hedgerow;  How to Cope Successfully with Candida and Recovering from Stress, Burnout & Fatigue (all available from Amazon). She also regularly contributes to several holistic magazines including Kindred Spirit and Positive Health. 

Jo runs a private herbal medicine practice from her home in Petersfield, Hampshire. From here she holds regular herbal druid retreat days with her partner Adrian Rooke. Each retreat day centers around deepening our relationship with one of the eight sacred druidic festivals, and the tree and herbs associated with that specific time of the year.  Gently as the day progresses, through druid rituals, collective making of herbal brews, traditional story-telling, sacred singing, some craft work, walking in nature and a variety of other beautiful meditative exercises, we open our hearts to the wisdom of nature and the effect on our lives is profound. 


Janine Gerhardt - Medical Herbalist - Botanica Medica

Janine Gerhardt

Janine qualified as a  Medical Herbalist from the University of Westminster. She supports her interest in traditional medicinal plant uses with the latest scientific research.

Janine's approach is holistic, meaning the whole person is addressed and not just their presenting symptoms. She offers over-the-counter advice for minor ailments and thorough in-depth private consultations for more complex conditions. During a consultation a full history is taken. This includes past and present history and medications, diet and lifestyle, sleep, general well-being and other associated factors.

Janine has a keen interest in family health matters which she addresses with safe and gentle herbal approaches. 



Corinne Montenon - Medical Herbalist - Botanica Medica

Corinne Montenon

Corinne completed her BSc Hons in Herbal Medicine at the University of Westminster. From growing up in rural France, she developed an interest in folk remedies that she integrates into the modern UK herbal approach she studied.

With a PhD in the History of Beliefs, she combines her understanding of how belief systems can influence physical and mental well-being with Herbal Medicine and lifestyle advice.

A language trainer for more than 10 years she uses a communicative approach to empower patients and support them in reclaiming their health and offers consultations in French, German and Spanish.


Eileen Folan - Medical Herbalist - Botanica Medica

Eileen Folan

Eileen graduated as a Medical Herbalist with a BSc (Hons) from the University of Westminster. She is also a qualified Nutritional Therapist and has been in practice since 2009.

Eileen’s interest in holistic health began whilst working in a non-medical role at BUPA, which focused on understanding people’s health preferences and how they were met by orthodox medical systems.

Since leaving BUPA Eileen has enjoyed exploring the holistic world of natural medicine and training as aHerbal Medicine practitioner. Eileen enjoys working with clients to help them to find out how herbs can help them to maintain and restore health.

Eileen is passionate about the role of food and herbs in maintaining good health. As such dietary advice is integral to her treatment plans, but some clients may prefer to book a Nutritional Therapy consultation for a detailed personal nutrition plan. Eileen is happy to discuss which route is best suited to your needs.


Claudia Zanchin - Medical Herbalist - Botanica Medica

Claudia Zanchin

Claudia is a qualified medical herbalist having obtained a Herbal Medicine Integrated Master (MSci) Degree from the University of Westminster. Her postgraduate studies focused on the use of herbs in the treatment of endocrine disorders, particularly when caused by stress.

Claudia grew up in rural South America where fresh food, clean air, plenty of exercise and above all the use of herbs as medicine were part of everyday life. This sparked a life-long interest in Herbal Medicine and encouraged her to pursue a career in this field..

Claudia has a special interest in digestive disorders, women’s health and men’s health. She uses Swedish Massage and the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy® in combination with Herbal Medicine. Her aim is to enhance organ function by addressing the positioning of the pelvis and internal organs while working to improve the flow of the circulatory, lymphatic and nervous system. 

Claudia is available on Tuesday afternoon and evening and one Saturday a month in St Margarets.