The Spirit Of The Hedgerow

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Spirit of the Hedgerow was written for those who want to know more about the medical properties of common wayside plants how they might be worked with in a spiritual sense. 

Over 40 common wild plants are described according to their medical properties, with herbal remedies and foraging recipes to try at home. 

These spiritual aspects of the book invite you to see common plants from a sacred perspective while stories such as the battle between the Oak King and the Holly King bring a sense of a wild drama going on right under our noses!

The Spirit of the Hedgerow is dedicated to the plants themselves, for they are awesome!  I wanted to tell their stories because these little "weeds" are so much more than we give them credit.  There is fabulous folk lore hidden away in the hedgerow and forgotten details of history.  Spirit of the Hedgerow follows the wild plants as they call attention to themselves in the hedgerow throughout the year.  Each month outlines modern medical properties, home remedies and recipes to follow, as well as some of the folk lore or magical practice associated with the plants featured that month.  There is also a brief explanation of the eight Celtic festivals of the year so that you may join in with the celebration of the turning of the seasons. 

The fact that you can bend down and pluck the leaf of a plant to relieve the headache or hay-fever of a human is, to my mind profound alchemy.  It is cross species interaction and a miracle.  In the past, these plants were honoured and revered, but now we whizz past them on the motorway with no regard at all.  Plants have healed us for thousands of years, and been a part of our ceremonies and lives for thousands of years - so they deserve to be honoured.  That really, is the point of this book - to help us fall in love with the herbs of the hedgerow again. 


How to cope successfully with candida, the drug-free way by Jo Dunbar-Lane

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Candida is the common name for an overgrowth of yeast organism known as 'Candida Albicans'. It appears with many varying and seemingly unrelated symptoms and affects almost every part of the body. Because of the wide range of symptoms and the lack of positive diagnostic tests available, this gap has provided fertile ground for individuals of limited medical training to quickly hop on the band wagon and begin 'diagnosing' candida for almost any condition or illness.

Candida is a serious disorder, it is a disease of an internal environmental disturbance, and not simply a fungal infection, which is treated with anti-fungal medicines.

This book introduces you to a thorough drug-free treatment program, as well as tips on how to adapt your life-style comfortably to treating candida.


Recovering From Stress, Burnout And Fatigue By Jo Dunbar-Lane

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The effects of stress on our health can lead to devastating long term illnesses such as adrenal fatigue and chronic fatigue syndrome. 

So many people feel absolutely burnt out and just do not understand how this affects their body or what they can do about it. Mainstream medicine has almost nothing to offer the person who wakes up feeling exhausted, who simply cannot cope with the smallest stress or feels so weak they can barely digest their food. Having helped people for 15 years to recover from these illnesses, Jo wrote this book so she could pass on her knowledge and experience to as many people as possible. 

In Part One Jo outlines how stress affects your body systems, and clearly explains why stress can make people so unwell, sometimes for years. In these chapters Jo shows the reader how long term stress can lead to adrenal fatigue, reduced immunity, disrupted hormones, poor digestion and low thyroid function, amongst many other symptoms.

Part Two offers clear guidelines towards recovery, including advice about diet and blood sugar control, dealing with candida, restoring the immune system, rebalancing hormones, restoring the adrenal glands and energy using lifestyle changes, herbal medicine and nutritional supplements.

In Part Three Jo uses her experience to offer practical tips on how to adjust your life so that you stay well. The book concludes by exploring our modern lifestyle, why many of us choose to live to stressfully and how we might make more sustainable life choices.